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Debt Negotiation Associates

Extended Hands Worldwide Ministries (EHWM) will assist consumers in negotiating debts in which they can longer afford to pay. EHWM does not charge you a fee for its service nor does it require an agreement. EHWM will assist you in negotiating the debt with the creditor.
EHWM will:
1. Call the creditor with you on the line, at which time you will provide EHWM with the right to discuss your debt with the creditor.
2. At this point, we will attempt to negotiate the debt amount owed to a lowered amount as well as a payment plan with the creditor that you can afford.
3. You will then receive written confirmation of the negotiated terms from the creditor.
4. Once you have agreed to the settlement, you will be responsible for making the payments, to the creditor, per the negotiated agreement.

Please Note: EHWM can only attempt to assist you in negotiating a settlement if you have received a summons on an account from a creditor. However, if a settlement cannot be reached and you are required to go to court. EHWM cannot assist you and you will need to hire an attorney on your own to assist you. EHWM does not employ attorneys to assist you in legal defense.
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